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I hope to share with you my love of stained glass. I view my glass work as an art form so every design is my own creation and I do not repeat designs in my windows. I enjoy the challenge of creating a work that becomes a part of the personality of the clients and also fits in with the interior decorating. Feel free to make comments, ask questions, or critique any of my postings. If you click on the slideshow to the right you can view the pictures in a larger format.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

I thought I should provide some pictures of the setting. The first picture is the entry door that my windows are going into. The stained glass you see is in bad shape and really close to falling apart. The bottom picture Linda won't like but it is standing in the same place as the first picture and just turing slightly to the left. You can ignore the snow it NEVER snows there, especially in April when this was taken. However all those flowers peeking out of the fresh snow were pretty..............what a wonderful relaxing place!
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