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I hope to share with you my love of stained glass. I view my glass work as an art form so every design is my own creation and I do not repeat designs in my windows. I enjoy the challenge of creating a work that becomes a part of the personality of the clients and also fits in with the interior decorating. Feel free to make comments, ask questions, or critique any of my postings. If you click on the slideshow to the right you can view the pictures in a larger format.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

The design is drawn to full scale and two copies are made.
One is to provide the layout of the glass to make sure it is fitting the
desired size. If you get this wrong boy do you have troubles. It
is not good to build a window that will not fit the opening!
The other sheet is the actual pattern. Each piece is cut out,
layed on the glass and marked then the piece of glass is cut
and layed out. The steps before reaching this point are actually
quite time consuming, meeting and discussing ideas, doing
research on the topic of design, sketching out ideas, then
drawing up a design from the sketches. I then discuss this with the client
to get input, make changes, and get a basic color selection.
Pricing is decided and agreed upon before I draw up the full
sized design and purchase supplies.
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