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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trey's Double Flip

Trey's Double Flip May 2008
I made this window just to do something a bit different. I really am more drawn to nature when
designing on my own. I need to branch out and try other styles. So I made this window as just a basic geometric design. I always like to put my finished work in one of our windows to critique my own work. I had it in our front window for weeks just watching and thinking about it. It had a very narrow red border that I had decided I should have made it wider and thus bolder. Trey was sitting on the back of the couch waiting for his grandma to get home. I went to answer the phone and just as i did I turned to see Trey's elbow swing around and hook the window. It was one of those slow motion feelings watching the window flipped onto the couch, flipped again and landed on the floor. It broke the outside border only. Trey was really upset and I had to assure him accidents happen. I let it sit in the window broken for a few more weeks not really wanting to do a repair since I don't like doing glass repairs. When I did tackle it I decided to fix the whole thing and redo the border nice and wide. It definitely helped! Since this window can be viewed whichever way one wishes it really can be flipped around to create a different kind of feeling.
So as I was finishing and Trey was "helping" me finish the repairs he again apologized for breaking my window. I figured I really needed to name it after him after that. So the fact it can be flipped around for viewing and the fact that a double flip broke it so I could fix a design flaw what better name than Trey's double flip?
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Jessica said...

I think you should put a picture of your like helper right next to his window.