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Friday, January 4, 2008

Pink Dogwood in Spring

Pink Dogwood in Spring -2008

A couple of years ago we visited Pete Samuel in Paradise California in spring. We would sit looking out his window at a pink Dogwood in bloom. I have had that scene in my head waiting for some time to make it in glass. I finally made the time. I have also tried something different in an effort to push myself into new areas of possibilities. I have always felt that in stained glass lines are a necessity, holding the pieces of glass together, so the line should be as much a part of the design as the main theme. Here I have accentuated that by turning the lines into branches. Then I added foil overlay to get side offshoots and buds. I will be returning to this idea and keep pushing that direction. We'll see what develops. I also have beveled glass pieces as a border that are done with lead came. The interior section of the window is done with copper foil. I like the idea of combining these so will probably doing more of that also in the future. *see below
This window will be hanging for sale in Acadia Footwear in the Old Mill District in Bend.

*there are two ways to build a window. Lead came which is shaped like this H. The edge of each piece of glass is inserted into the "H" and the joints soldered to hold it all together. The
other way to build a window is to wrap the edges of each piece of glass in copper foil. Then
all the exposed copper gets soldered to hold the whole thing together.
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mommaroth said...

I LOVE this window! The simplicity of the design within what is, obviously, not a simple work of art is amazing.